SkyHawk UAS

Specializing in aerial data collection for the energy sector.

Using professional aerial inspection services with an industrial grade UAS can reduce the field time for personnel and provide high-tech data for immediate use. 


SkyHawk UAS utilizes state of the art thermal imaging. This revolutionary technology provides the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable inspection of dangerous energized and hard to reach equipment, removing the personnel safety risk and increasing accuracy of the results.


In addition to thermal imaging SkyHawk captures data that is point cloud - geo-referenced with real-world geographic coordinates. From the data capture, a plan or a map is provided to an inspection and maintenance team which identifies any areas of concern before anyone climbs a ladder, scaffolding or performs any dangerous inspection activities.

At SkyHawk, we’re a team of Aviation and Software Professionals that want to remove people from workplace danger. We firmly believe that UAS inspection provides a company with more accurate and reliable data while keeping personnel safety as the number one priority.

About SkyHawk UAS

SkyHawk UAS evolved from the passion of a hobby, and the vision of tools used to help in the Oil and Gas Industry. Using our expertise in the energy sector we developed a group of pilots and engineers dedicated to the use of UAV’s in the Energy sector.

SkyHawk UAS holds FAA Part 107 certifications with complete liability insurance. At SkyHawk, we pride ourselves on professionalism and provide a safe environment during the operation of our state of the art aerial imaging equipment. Our training standards exceed the requirements set forth by the FAA and our highly rated customer service ensures 100% satisfaction with your completed project. Our team of pilots are readily available to provide services to clients located in all areas of Texas and surrounding states.


A few of SkyHawk UAS Services:


Wind Farm Inspection

UAS's handled by professional operators can provide higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections.
They also provide an inspection that is quicker, easier, cheaper, and less risky than rope access techniques. 
Infrared inspections provide details that can prevent potential failure points in the structure and electrical components inside the nacelle that otherwise would be impossible to detect. An inspection report is generated containing only the anomalies and not the entire scope of the inspection that might be based on thousands of pictures.


Cellular / Radio Tower Inspection

Tower climbing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. By deploying UAS's the industry will greatly benefit from the operational efficiencies offered by having reliable, accurate aerial data of their assets.


Distribution Inspection

Additional Services


GPS Mapping

- Surveying (mm accuracy)

-3D Modeling

-KMZ integration

Construction Services

- Real-time visual inspections
- Job Site Video
- GPS, Exact Path Photography
- Safety Inspection
- Progress Tracking
- Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)



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